The students of Mulvane will soon be heading back to school. Yet, as we all know, they are not returning to anything we could call a typical school year. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced the schools to change their schedules to try and keep students as safe as possible. This schedule change includes not having any classes at all on Wednesday. Given that in our modern society, most often both parents are working, the schedule change has thrown many families into a childcare crisis with nowhere to send their children on Wednesdays. Given that we at MCC are always looking for opportunities to connect with younger families in our community, we feel we have an opportunity here to be a blessing to them.

Beginning Wednesday, September 16, we are going to be opening our church for a supervised study hall on Wednesdays where parents can send their children (K-12) to come and complete their schoolwork in a safe, adult-supervised environment. In addition to providing them a safe place to stay for the day, we intend to make opportunities for Bible learning, evangelism, worship, and building connections with unchurched families.  This study hall will meet on Wednesdays at the church from 7:30 am to 3 pm until the school system goes back to a regular schedule.

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To provide the Mulvane area with a loving, life-giving fellowship of believers who, as spiritual champions, are nurtured to Christ-like maturity and empowered for meaningful ministry, both within the Church and in our mission to the world in which we live, so that in the end, God is exalted and known by all.


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Sr. Saints will return September 21, 2021.  Join us for a potluck dinner and fellowship!

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