Saints of MCC,

When I came onboard as your Pastor, it was made clear to me by the Elders and the Board that we were going to need to take a hard look at our church’s governing documents – the constitution and by-laws. Over the years, through many revisions, these documents have become convoluted. They are challenging to read; in some places, they are filled with unnecessary material, in others, they lack essential content. In short, in their current state, they are more unhelpful than helpful, and this needed to be addressed for the good of our congregation. For the last two years, the Elders of MCC have been working diligently behind the scenes to study and research how to improve these documents best. Six months ago, we presented the first drafts of our revisions to the Board to get their comments and critiques. After many rounds of helpful reviews, on Sunday, July 19th, the Board voted unanimously to approve these revisions and present them to the congregation. They will now go before the membership for your vote at our congregational meeting in September.

These documents are now available for you to read. Please download them from the website, or pick up a physical copy at Sunday service. We are asking everyone who cares about MCC’s future to read these documents carefully so you can be informed. Additionally, over the next two months, I will be offering educational opportunities where you can hear from me directly on what precisely needed to change and our guiding philosophy in making those changes. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.

I understand that constitutions and by-laws are not the most exciting things to read, but they are important. They form a solid foundation on which the structure of our organization can be built. They outline our identity, our beliefs, our source of authority, how we will govern ourselves for God’s glory, and what is expected of the membership. In essence, they act as the foundational statement of our unity. If the foundation of a building is faulty, then everything else is always at risk of crumbling. If the foundation of a church is faulty, then no matter how good things seem on the outside, the ground is still at risk of shifting underneath us.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about what you are reading, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me ( or any of the other Elders.

David Carson

Download Bylaws
Download MCC Constitution 2020


To provide the Mulvane area with a loving, life-giving fellowship of believers who, as spiritual champions, are nurtured to Christ-like maturity and empowered for meaningful ministry, both within the Church and in our mission to the world in which we live, so that in the end, God is exalted and known by all.


Next Event: Aug 20, 2020

Please join us on Thursday evenings for our Kingdom Prayer Warrior Prayer Calls! 

During these calls will specifically be bringing intercessory prayer before God that has to do with the work of the Kingdom of God. For example, we might gather with the specific intention of praying for opportunities for personal evangelism, or pray that God would increase our ministry to children, or that God would bring revival into the hearts of the people of our church. This will be a prayer time focused on making us better disciples with a more fruitful impact for Jesus Christ in Mulvane and beyond. This means the meetings will have less of a focus on personal prayer requests. I want to be clear, prayer requests for more personal needs like healing for a loved one or relief from a personal burden are still an important part of our churches prayer ministry. We will still remember those personal prayer requests on Sunday mornings, through our prayer chain, and also in our private prayer times. With KPW, we are setting side aside our personal desires to focus on the work of the Kingdom of God in our midst. I believe this kind of Kingdom focused prayer changes hearts and reorients our priorities so that in the end our deepest desires are his deepest desires.

How can I join? 

There are multiple ways to join the prayer call.

Option 1: Use the ZOOM app.

In order to join with video, you will need either a smartphone (Android or iPhone), or a personal computer or laptop that has a camera and the ZOOM app. Pretty much every phone these days has the ability to run ZOOM, so if you are unsure your phone is your best bet.

  1. Download the ZOOM app. You will not need to register an account with ZOOM in order to join the meeting. All you need is to have the app installed. You can do this several ways.
  2. Download it from your app store, either Google Play or Apple Store.
  3. OR Click on this link: Once clicked, it should give you the option to download the ZOOM app for your device.
  4. When you have the app open and it’s time for the meeting, enter the meeting ID# and click “join meeting”. The meeting ID# is: 438 940 1192

Option 2: Dial in on your phone.

The other option is to dial in on your telephone just like we did with the previous service.

  1. At the meeting time, dial 1-346-248-7799
  2. When prompted, enter the meeting ID# which is: 438 940 1192

Everyone is welcome to join us!  See you there!

Next Event: Aug 25, 2020

A monthly fellowship of our senior saints who gather for a meal, conversation, prayer, and entertainment. Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Sr. Saints will return September 22, 2020